When authentic meets contemporary style

WONDERFUL is the word that didn’t let me go when I was staring at the photos of this 100-square-metre flat in Paris.

2017 June 27


How to make your home glamorous?

Usually glamorous interiors are simply eclectic – classics, modern classics and even modernity combine here.

2017 June 15


3 tips how to mix and match tiles in bathroom

I‘ve pointed out several main rules / advices which will help to create a balanced view combining different tiles.

2017 June 21


Bedroom in living room. How to fit in and make it cosy?

How to place two or even three different zones in one room so that they matched between?

2017 June 6


Eclectic 30 sq.m apartment in Poland

I’ve never thought that tropical planted pillows on the classical Chesterfield sofa would look perfect.

2017 May 29


Shelf styling tips - 5 easy steps

So that plenty of items looked easthetically and easily, it‘s worth following several main principles.

2017 May 23


Herbs garden in the kitchen

The most important element is a pot which gives half of the view and the golden rule is repetition.

2017 May 16


Stacked books and magazines on the floor

Thousands of books and magazines find their place on the floor now on purpose.

2017 May 8


Humphrey Munson kitchens I've fallen in love with

Humphrey Munson are the masters of the kitchen furniture from England and they make awards winning projects.

2017 May 1


Mid-century modern interior style

A mid-century modern interior style which is becoming more and more popular. what does distinguish this style out of others?

2017 April 18

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