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2017 April 18

Teksto autorius: Evelina

Exploring foreign interior websites I notice a mid-century modern interior style which is becoming more and more popular. A vintage style is very similar to a Scandinavian style, therefore, both styles usually travel together, close to each other and that’s very difficult to distinguish the main one.

This style covers era from approximately 1940-1970 years, but you’ll find various dates for the Internet. Generally, that’s the middle of 20th century and that’s all. Now vintage interiors are a bit more modern and they have acquired new details, therefore, I’ll try to name main qualities of this style now. Therefore, what does distinguish this style out of others?

1. Wooden, sophisticated shape furniture with legs.

That’s probably the brightest mark. Wood must be bright – teak or any other wood that has a shade of red are usually used. This is in stark contrast to Scandinavian style where light, almost white wood is used.

All pieces of furniture are unique by their form. There’s plenty of hooked, curved details and all tables, sofas and chest of drawers have wooden legs. Furniture of Danish and Brazilian designers of that age is used. Of course, that’s not compulsory to buy originals – now a usual manufacturer is able to renew chairs of a similar design and other furniture and can offer a new, modern piece of furniture which definitely fits to the frames of mid-century modern style.

2. Sophisticated hanging and wall lamps, floor lamps.

The same rules are valid – a lot of details, metal and pipes. And Sputnik illuminators perfectly fit here. The more details the illuminator has and the more interesting its form is the better.

3. Plants.


There‘re plenty of plants in comtemporary vintage interiors, I have in mind, room flowers, but flora fits in any interior style. Maybe they are exclusive because very huge plants are loved. A vintage mood can be created by using vases covered with textile or put in wicker baskets.

4. Copper.

Copper products are widely used contemporary mid-century modern version. They bring modernity and luxury.

5. Textile products.


Carpets of various patterns are used as well as patterned cushions and woven wall hangings that’re becoming more and more popular. When you join all 5 points together you can name interior even mid-century boho, what’s indeed “on the wave” now.

When you click on 2 photos that’re below (a link is on the left of the photo) you’ll see DIY lessons how to make those wall hangings.

6. Geometric shapes.


You can’t imagine vintage interiors without patterns and various geometric shapes that you can see in textile products and on the wallpapers. When we speak about wallpapers bright colors even the ones that usually don’t match together are loved. There’re fewer bright colors in Mid-century boho interiors – they’re used more in traditional style spaces.

7. White walls.

The walls of present vintage interiors are painted in white. A neutral background for the colors, patterns and other patchworks are created this way.

8. Pictures, mirrors.


Pictures are widely used as well as mirrors (especially of the shape of the sun) in this style interiors. That’s also loved to decorate spaces with vases and wooden details.


Teksto autorius


My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

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