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2018 September 10

Teksto autorius: Evelina

All the trends are created and published so that you bought more. Why do cloth designers create newer and newer clothes? So that you acquired one more of his clothes. Who suffers (or maybe wins) most from that? Those who believe that having a fashionable item will look or feel better (even though there’re people who indeed feel better with that and everything is OK with it).

I apply this article to future trends – future prospect and people who’re in a hurry to adapt it to themselves. For example, at the end of last year I have bought the book about interior trends of 2018. Recently I’ve looked through it again and I couldn’t really tell that it was hit to the trends (even though some months are still left). I think that it’s logical – after all, interiors that are already present are photographed (that means created until 2018). It’s a question if it’s so simple to guess what’s going to be popular next year. So is it possible to believe all the announced trends? I think that not because in reality these trends don’t change so fast.

By no means I am saying that clothes, furniture or any other field makers shouldn’t create new shapes, fabric or colour items. Creation is a goodness and new collections improve the creator himself but not the buyer. Do you recognize this situation? Every year you promise yourself that this time you’ll not buy anything new but you even don’t feel how you’re already standing at the cash register with pineapple shape decoration which you’ll put to a cabinet when cactus and flamingos come to trend. At the moment animal patterns come back to trend, therefore, you can prepare for a new wave of zebra, tiger and other type of patterned accessories.

Every year the new year colour is chosen (it’s even sillier when the colour of each season is chosen – just keep catching the trend). Of course, that would be sad and funny if everyone would be in a hurry to repaint their walls or buy new colour furniture. But newcomers really appear in danger.

I really expect that you choose colours for interior not due to the fact of what is fashionable at that time but with accordance to what you really like, as when you paint the walls in blue, you’ll understand in a half of the year that heart is asking for the colour white and you’ll not really want to repaint it again.

In any case, you want it or not, exactly those fashionable colours start appearing in shops and you start noticing that only these colour interiors, therefore, how to resist pressure but not to buy too much unnecessary stuff?

I’d offer a compromise – to buy several fashionable colour interior accessories, for example, a cushion cover. That’s not really expensive purchase which has a huge interior power for cosiness and it doesn’t take too much space for storage and when the same trend comes back you’ll have the possibility to make colourful changes for free!

Or you can acquire a new vase (if you like flowers). Vase trends are also changing – glass, ceramics or concrete but indeed this kind of vases should look perfect in any period of time, as different textures provide cosiness. It’s more complicated if you have bought sophisticated design and bright colour vases – it can happen that you take them out only in case you lack vases for the tenth birthday bouquet :)

Thus you should first think if you use the new item (or only admire it until you get bored) and not to give up the pleasure to buy fashionable item. A waiting rule really helps here. Don’t buy an item immediately spontaneously (unless you know what you want and what you need). Come back home and wait for some days. If you forgot that means that you didn’t need that indeed.

Well, but let’s see what happened with the colour ultra violet which has been chosen this year. Completely nothing! I haven’t noticed that this colour has started being used more, well, because not all of the colours fit in the interior. Do you think differently? At the same time the bright colour green or terracotta/ bordo shades are now in a complete takeoff and a lot of interiors have exactly this colour accents.

Exactly the same is happening with metal constructions which are used everywhere – not only for furniture but even for vases. I really like this trend – it looks light, more expressive but please be clever and don’t make glass doors in metal frames if there’s nothing more which is similar to it in the interior. Don’t buy the table with black metal legs if your interior is classical.

"But it looks so beautiful", I guess, you’ll say looking at the interiors created by professional interior designers. Yes. It’s nice when everything is considered, combined and bought for the exact interior – but not your interior. I don’t buy dresses with deep cut outs, as I don’t have what to show off – each woman knows what fits for her shape and even if the dress perfectly looks on the model it can look tragically on me.

I’ve recently read the article of one of the interior bloggers where she indeed talks about interior trends. She herself has experience in the media and confirms that new trends appear so that journalists had what to write about.

Oh yes. I guess nobody will surprise anyone with the article that the colour white is trendy even though thousands of people paint and will paint their home walls in that colour. This colour has become such a common colour not worth any news that somebody needs new fresh colour. And I don’t speak about Lithuania, I am speaking about the whole world. That’s how various articles which heighten weird choices and colours appear and they can be immediately changed by others. She is saying that 50% of what’s written is true and 50% is only the new information to fulfil the empty news media area.


Therefore, please choose carefully which news and trends it’s worth taking to your house. Is it going to be close, necessary, comfortable and only then beautiful? I wish you a sober mind, as these days item options is so big that it’s really easy to get lost and to get involved to a fashionable item hunt.


Teksto autorius


My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

Teksto autorius


My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

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