Sophisticated luxury apartment in Vienna - Viskas apie interjerą
2017 September 5

Sometimes I don’t understand myself what charmed me so much in some kind of interior. I’m not able to name the exact reason what happened and this time. It’s simply nice, cosy and harmonious.

High ceiling and classical space obliged to combine the whole interior to this. Herringbone flooring perfectly fits in such premises as well as patterned tiles. So that furniture wouldn’t look disproportionately small, large-format-pictures are hung up in all the rooms as well as the groups of pendant lamps.

It’s pity that I didn’t find the size of premises anywhere but it’s obvious that they’re not small and landlords don’t serve for items. There’s not a lot of furniture and you can encounter a lot of styles: from Scandinavian style chairs or a completely modern kitchen to a classical bed or industrial lamps. In general, nothing grinds and looks uniformly.




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