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2018 June 26

Teksto autorius: Evelina

When I look at my Facebook posts recently I see that I’m attracted by the colour blue! Probably during the summer everyone wants coolness and my eyes immediately look at colder interiors. Blue kitchen furniture (especially dark) has some kind of indescribable attraction and you can obviously see that in the photos below.

In this article I collected the examples where blue kitchen furniture but not other details are seen (for example, chairs, a backsplash wall, etc.). In Lithuania the more popular version is when the colour blue is used not for furniture but for recently mentioned details, as when the colour blue gets bored it’s much easier to change tiles or chairs than all the complex of the kitchen furniture (unless you decide to paint it). But I believe that among readers there’re the ones who’re considering the blue heavy furniture, thus I really prepared this article for you!

I want to point out that the colour blue is cold colour (most usually), therefore, it looks best in a big space and most usually is used in sunny countries. However, if you want this colour furniture in your kitchen so much and it doesn’t distinguish with its large space use this colour in different ways and combine it with white, grey, black and / or wooden colours.

Let’s say drops of the blue colour can appear in the kitchen island (if such fits at your home). You can also decorate only top or only lower cabinets with the colour blue. You have to find a suitable balance between blue and other colours, therefore, the colour blue would only be an accent but not the dominating colour.

How to choose a blue colour shade?

It depends on what shades a carpenter has. Light blue, depending on the fact if it’s very rich or delicate, can look either extremely screaming (as in the photo below) or soft and delicate. In short, look what emotion you have with regards to a certain shade and how you’re planning to combine it, as such titles as sky blue, sea blue, jeans blue and any other blue won’t help so much.

What colour to choose for the wall above a work top / for a backsplash?

In no way blue. If you decided to have blue furniture, choose above mentioned colours above a work top – achromatic white, grey, blue and wooden. That’s not important if an achromatic colour will be on tiles, marble or glass.  I’d accept only orange / brown colour leather chairs but it’s only a small detail which I don’t imagine on the wall.

Fun fact. It’s said that the colour blue in a kitchen makes you eat less, thus it perfectly fits for those who want to loose weight. That’s your choice to believe it or not!




As jau pries kokiu 10 metu mamai uzsakiau melynus virtuves baldus. Nezinau kodel bet tuo metu taip norejau :) ir nenusibodo iki siol. O stai pas save ryskesnes spalvas jau noretusi pakeisti. Bent dali dureliu, o gal ir visas, nes visi baldai geri. Galvoju, jog net paciai pavyktu ta padaryti, nes bent standartinius baldus susirinkau pagal instrukcijas. Tik suktukas buvo reikalingas ir siek tiek kantrybes :)

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My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

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