Carpet layering - new interior trend

4 ways when carpet layering is a perect way to solve some problems and interior detail as well.

2018 May 16


140 sq.m apartment in Barselona (airbnb rental)

I think that it has a little of everything but eclecticism doesn’t tick the eyes and looks quite harmonious.

2018 May 9


2018 interior trend - terrazzo

It's resistance to fire and friction material which doesn’t absorb moisture, easy to clean, eco-friendly and durable.

2018 May 2


46 sq.m contemporary apartment in Brazil

Only bamboos reveal that the interior has exotic spice, and everything else is a mix of different styles.

2018 April 25


10 hallway seating ideas

While working with my clients I notice that the majority wants to have a seating place in a hallway.

2018 April 18


Installation which transforms a selfie to a gravel

During the installation a person makes selfie which transforms to a gravel after a moment.

2018 April 10


Colourful and cozy 77 sq.m apartment in Moscow

I don’t even know what to begin with, as each corner of the flat has its charm!

2018 April 3


Microwave storage ideas in the kitchen

For me personally the kitchen is the most beautiful when all devices are integrated or maximally hidden.

2018 March 20


35 sq.m apartment transformation in Poland

The space itself is completely complicated with untraditional corners.

2018 March 13


Unique mirrors which look like art works

A Swedish designer Jenny Nordberg creates such a mirror in less than 5 minutes! How’s that possible for her?

2018 March 6

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