Installation which transforms a selfie to a gravel

During the installation a person makes selfie which transforms to a gravel after a moment.

2018 April 10


Colourful and cozy 77 sq.m apartment in Moscow

I don’t even know what to begin with, as each corner of the flat has its charm!

2018 April 3


Microwave storage ideas in the kitchen

For me personally the kitchen is the most beautiful when all devices are integrated or maximally hidden.

2018 March 20


35 sq.m apartment transformation in Poland

The space itself is completely complicated with untraditional corners.

2018 March 13


Unique mirrors which look like art works

A Swedish designer Jenny Nordberg creates such a mirror in less than 5 minutes! How’s that possible for her?

2018 March 6


Dynamic and cozy 35 sq.m apartment in Moscow

In addition, so that the space became physically bigger, loggia has been joined to the flat.

2018 February 27


Colorful and wallpapered ceiling - an exclusive solution!

Bright or wallpapered ceilings is completely unusual and not comfortable.

2018 February 20


10 Instagram accounts to follow for home #2

10 Instagram accounts to follow for home #2

2018 February 14


Which type of bed is the most suitable for you?

I've noticed that usually it’s paid so little attention to a bedroom interior and even less to a bed.

2018 February 7


Eucalyptus - trendy interior decor detail

Eucalyptus has been experiencing a real upswing over the past few years.

2018 February 1

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