Home decoration with pumpkins

If you have artificial pumpkins, you can decorate any bigger sitting up next to the table.

2017 September 29


Reform renews and makes extraordinary IKEA kitchens

It looks rather luxurious and high quality and others don’t need to know what’s hidden inside :)

2017 September 20


2017 H&M Home autumn collection - naturalness is back!

Upcoming autumn is promising Aztec, African motif wave and combining different textures.

2017 September 12


Sophisticated luxury apartment in Vienna

So that furniture wouldn’t look disproportionately small, large-format-pictures are hung up in all the rooms.

2017 September 5


6 mistakes to avoid when decorating a small space

There’re several mistakes that new-settlers make when they’re establishing small spaces. How to avoid them?

2017 August 31


15 tray decoration ideas

For the tray decoration the same rules as for open shelf decoration are valid.

2017 August 23


117 sq.m apartment in Ukraine with panoramic view

I got an impression that the space is larger and I even was surprised when I saw the number of square metres.

2017 August 10


Geometric wall painting ideas

Geometric wall painting is a great way to improve your space if you don't want to use wallpaper.

2017 August 1


Cozy terrace tips

There‘s nothing cozier than a mild and unobtrusive light which‘s created by the BRA lamps or string lights.

2017 July 20


Interior color palette. Inspiration from nature.

Nature is the best assistant when you‘re looking for the best colour palette.

2017 July 5

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