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2018 May 16

Teksto autorius: Evelina

Carpet layering is a new trend which is step by step finding its place in Lithuania while the rest of the world knows it already. That’s a completely strange view which can be accepted and understood not by everyone. Probably there’s the question: why to lay one carpet on another? There’re several reasons for that which I’ll discuss in this article.

1. Untraditional flooring / room focus

Probably that’s the first thought coming to my mind which can justify any solutions. Carpet layering isn’t an everyday decision which you’ll not only charm your guests with but satisfy your wish to be exclusive. Some of the people have such a need and are always considering how to stand out from others and not to do everything like everyone else. That’s the solution!

2. A clearer zoning

So that it was clearer please imagine a dining room where a carpet is laid. A carpet shares this zone and separates it from the common space but not as much as with two carpets. In the example below we see that when a smaller carpet of a different colour appears on a bigger carpet it concentrates more attention on the zone under a coffee table. For those who want clear zoning in common space it’s worth considering this version.

3. Floor problems hiding

Floor rough, spoilage, spots and other troubles can be hidden under several carpet layers. There’re indeed situations when floors are spoiled but nobody wants to change them and there’s no space for furniture so that one could pull it in. Maybe different floorings face together or there’s no parquet in one or another place due to some reasons? It can happen that floor layering will help to solve this problem.

4. Incorrect THIS carpet measurements

Such a situation is also possible: you’ve taken a look at the wonderful carpet, however, its measurements are too small. In this case the carpet that you noticed can move on another carpet which will be of a proper size and will fit into the smaller one.

How to combine different carpets?

Having analysed the examples I can easily tell that the simplest way to combine different carpets is to choose a bigger one of neutral colour, the best would be out of sisal fabric and to lay a smaller of a brighter colours on it or even patterned with various notes. It’s possible to lay a cow fur carpet on a sisal carpet or even combine two carpets of completely different colours and patterns, however it requires sensitiveness for fabrics, textures and colours. Different textures can give cosiness and dynamism for a space.

For which interiors is carpet layering most suitable?

This solution looks best in Boho, Mid-century and Morocco style interiors. Of course, that can be adapted in contemporary interiors, but, as I mentioned earlier, a special sensitiveness and seeing a common view is very important. Most usually carpets are being laid where there’s plenty of African, Moroccan details, natural fabrics and decoration.

A carpet on a carpet is suitable not only in a guestroom or a dining zone but also in a bedroom under the bed.



Teksto autorius


My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

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