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2014 November 18

Teksto autorius: Evelina

Dark colors at home is a very rare guest due to light absorption or sad mood, however, dark colors take a very respectful place and look very cozily at this home.

SVOYA studio extinguishes by its works: it’s possible to find floral motifs or even the whole green wall. Decorative solutions in the spaces are very bright; it’s full of original details. This house (probably the house because the project is named Riba House): color, material and texture contrast. I admire the designers work!

The kitchen is joined to a living room and they’re separated with very stylish worktop with a bar stool and three vertical illuminators. Basically wood and black glossy surfaces are combined in a kitchen. There’s not a lot of place in a dining room, only how much it’s necessary for a sofa. The wall solution is very good: vertical panels of several shades with plant inclusions and pillows covered with fish drawings warms up the interior.

hqroom.rukitchen and living room

hqroom.rudark colors in interior

There's a very small dining room area in the same space with wall mounted TV which can be watched from a sitting room either a bar. For me personally the dining zone differs a lot from others by its style. I’d have chosen different chairs and the table itself.

hqroom.rudining room wall decorating plants

A sink place attracts one’s attention, too. It’s nice that there’s a window at the front, however, is that comfortable to put a chair away so that it was possible to access to a sink?

hqroom.rubar in the kitchen

hqroom.rumirror in a hall

I've read that these wood and concrete tables is a work and solution of designers themselves. Plants framed as in a picture gives some calmness.

hqroom.rupicture of plants

A bedroom interior is indeed non-standard: no wallpapers, hanging plants and the mirrors leant against the wall. Say what you want, but the plants give a lot of vividness…

hqroom.rucosy modern bedroom

hqroom.rubedroom interior cosy

hqroom.ruplants in bedroom

Each room is as a separate work of art for me. Probably that’s a bedroom of a child (already not a very small). There’s a very original wall solution behind a bed: lighting animal head motives. Even bed linen looks cozily and what to say about pouf which fits very well here.

hqroom.ruwall behind bed

hqroom.rumodern bedroom interior

hqroom.rubedroom interior ideas

hqroom.ruwhite pouf

Probably that’s a work room and it looks perfect here (well, with the exception of a pillow and a flag). Very nice chairs and illuminators, range of colors and what a prettiness of a clock – the best adornment of a wall! I paid attention that heaters are hidden under the wooden “grating”.

hqroom.ruworking room

hqroom.rumassive clock on the wall

That’s just a detail of one room whose purpose. I liked the idea where to store alcohol beverage.

hqroom.rudrinks shelves

Well, and for the conclusion – a hall interior. It’s very cozy, contemporary, simple and again with the hidden heater.

hqroom.ruhall ideas


Teksto autorius


My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

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