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2015 April 2

Teksto autorius: Evelina

Home office is not obligatory because not everybody is working in front of computer and not everyone works after they come back home after jobs. Still even those who do not work at home sometimes want to have their own corner which would reflect your hobbies and would be a stylish place to search in front of computer or for writing or any other thing.

If only I had such an opportunity I would hang various attributes above the table which remind me pleasant things and incite optimistically, for example, posters, shelves with various accessories, etc. I think that specially created atmosphere can inspire one for good and big works even if you did not forecast at first. I am talking mostly about the zones for which a separate room is not dedicated and only about zones which merge to another space: a living room, a bedroom or another room.

First two examples perfectly illustrate the fact that even for those who do not work at home a small worktop or table can indeed be useful and maybe even become a constant workplace!

elsetayranzo.blogspot.comcosy working place

designenwonen.nlworking place at thome

And how is it going to happen without plants? Plants heat any, even the warmest corner and that is the refreshment for eyes.

oh-sundaygirl.tumblr.comhome office ideas

wewashtrash.comsmall working corner

epal.isideas for working table

Two succeeding work zones are somehow similar: the walls are blue and the shelves or posters/photos are carelessly hanging on the wall.

for-interieur.frworking zone

spoonfulofhomedesign.comworking desk

Wood wood and once again wood! It perfectly fits among white, black and grey walls and if a chair is also similar – a style is guaranteed!

banidea.comhome office ideas

decordots.comwooden desk

archdaily.comhome office

milkmagazine.netideas for working zone

quiosquedoken.comoffice at home

sannhua.infodesk design

Especially small space when working in front of computer with several hanging shelves in which everything is displayed in a quite ‘delicious’ way.

minimaldesks.comsmall place for work

A minimalistic work place – everything is sterile, tidy, there is a lot of metal and few colors but it looks attractive and employable.

milkdecoration.comwhite home office

Well, such a calendar probably gives not a lot of benefits but it is indeed graphics which gives playfulness and accents for space.

pinterest.comcalendar above the table


Teksto autorius


My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

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