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2014 February 1

Teksto autorius: Evelina

Interior design trends

Even though 2014 has already began, I didn't rush to write about interior trends of that year. As I've already mentioned in one of the post of 2013, future interior trends cannot be followed blindly. It‘s impossible physically and otherwise and it‘s not worth, however, I've noticed some elements that became very popular last year, thus I assume that it‘ll be an interior ‘nail‘ this year. All the observations belong to me and are not necessarily true, I‘s basing on interior photos, principles, etc, which I saw last year and here are my notices:

Herringbone floor

I've already written about it, however, I have noticed that not only a demand, but also a supply for herringbone floor has increased. Someday treated as old-fashioned, now they are experiencing their Renaissance! This kind of floor is used not only in Scandinavian interiors, but also while combining both modernity and classics.

Patterned floor and wall tiles

When speaking about a decoration sphere, there must remain some space to discuss about tiles. Various geometrical patterns are used noticeably usually and especially the ones which used to be used for dalles. I extremely recommend you to visit the Royal Palace and discover dalles at close quarters – they‘re of an exciting beauty! Today you‘ll probably find similar tiles in any shop which sells them.

The use of similar to bricks tiles and glass for bathroom and kitchen

A very popular solution – Metro tiles which are glossy, uneven, salient and otherwise. The ‘home made‘ tiles with uneven angles, rough and natural are becoming extremely popular. Glass began to be used in a kitchen instead of traditional tiles already some time ago and it‘s definitely to some purpose. It‘s much simpler to clean such kind of surface and it looks indeed aesthetic, clean and modern if it‘s maintained appropriately:)

Therefore, the use of traditional tiles (I have in mind 20×20 and other similar formats) is decreasing as a means for decoration of a bathroom as well as of a kitchen. The floor doesn't indeed need to look traditionally – there‘re tiles which look like wood and vice versa – wooden floor that looks like tiles. In addition, a size of the tiles themselves is changing – from extremely small to quite large blocks. 

adexspain.comwhite tiles


Blackboard surface

An undeniable fact – this surface is becoming extremely popular in Lithuania, not to mention many other countries. It‘s used not only on the walls, but also on furniture and the door.

pinterest.comblackboard door cafe


A post about hexagons which has been written recently will give you more ideas, however, it‘s really clear that this organic form is going to be popular not only in decorating, but also in furniture forms themselves.

archiproducts.comhexagon shelf

curranfloor.comhexagon floor

Rustic furniture

Undoubtedly extremely popular and it‘s going to last for a long. People lack naturalness, therefore, furniture of this kind of style not only looks beautiful, but partly compensates a shortage of naturalness and warmth in a modern society.

fashionsalade.comrustic furniture

lushtoblush.comrustic furniture

Light bulb lights

Another thing that‘s extremely popular – the light bulb form and its different variation lighting – from the hanging to the wall or placed ones. I've also noticed their use in Lithuania, yet I guess that it‘s going to increase even more this year.

welke.nlhanging light bulbs

sweet-station.com85 light bulbs

Brass and bronze products

Polished or the way they‘re, but I've paid attention to a huge supply of brass and bronze products. It‘s mostly noticeable in a bathroom sphere where brass taps and accessories are being bought. This material mirror frames look wonderful!

1stdibs.com2014 interior trends


Yellow and blue

Even though while searching the Internet I've found that the color blue is going to be the color of 2014, I haven‘t indeed noticed that the use of that color got more usual. I‘d say that the popular color to use is rather the same as the last year – yellow – the color of a good energy. I‘d probably even say that the color blue will be used more usually for decorating and yellow – for furniture.

frenchbydesignblog.comblue and yellow

thelovelyapartment.blogspot.comyellow furniture

hglivingbeautifully.comyellow fridge tiles

Classics, combined with modern style

As the last year I think that this year this trend isn't going to decrease – perhaps even to increase. Classical forms, capitals and columns will be combined with absolutely modern minimalistic volumes, equipment and formats.

pmobile.chclassics and modernity

pflex-projetodeescritorio.blogspot.comclassic ceiling

Recycled furniture and new habits

Probably there‘s no novelty that people are increasingly taking thought about what they throw away, what can be reused and applied to their home and also how to decrease contamination in their environment as much as possible. Because of that reason I can boldly say that in 2014 recycled furniture and solutions helping to save resources, will be popular.

ylighting.comrecycled tube light

recyclart.orgrecycled table

ylighting.comrecycled lighting

Open areas of various textures

I haven‘t come up with the idea how to name this the other way... I have noticed that people really like combining various textures together, for example, bricks with concrete and wood. There‘s also a trend to openly show and not to cover a brickwork, not to finish the walls to a perfect smooth and not to hang plaster ceiling and a trend to leave concrete / wooden beams. The 2014 is going to be the year of naturalness!

milkmagazine.netchildren's room ideas

archdaily.combrick wall

cooledeko.debricks and wood combination


Teksto autorius


My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

Teksto autorius


My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

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