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2016 August 10

Teksto autorius: Evelina

It‘s been a long time since I haven‘t seen such a versatile interior rich by its colors and textures. I haven‘t found exact information if it‘s a flat or a house, thus I let myself guess that it‘s a huge 100 sq.m flat. The absence of garage itself gave this idea.

An artist painter lives there together with her family and that‘s no wonder that there‘re a lot of art works at home and the colors are perfectly combined. Even though technically that‘s the merit of architects but the one who‘s going to live there must agree with the offers of architects and probably even to offer, therefore, I‘m convinced that a painter strongly contributed to the way this flat looks like. I believe that there‘re artists who get tired from colors at work and willingly choose white or grey spaces that don‘t distinguish by anything. It‘s obvious that the owner of this apartment is inspired by colors.

And still functionality is missing in some places. For example, a hob mounted into the kitchen island standing in a huge space of the guestroom and the kitchen with sofa standing in front of it – it‘s completely open and unprotected from possible fat splash, etc.

hqroom.ru100 sq.m apartment layout

hqroom.rumodern living room interior design

hqroom.rumodern living room

hqroom.rukitchen island ideas

I was charmed by the brick wall with herringbone pattern that isn‘t usual as well as by a very cozy dining zone reasonably separated by wooden beams and decorated by hanging illuminators and chairs of a beautiful design. The colors blue, white and yellow perfectly play among themselves and they are supplemented by wood. The kitchen wall is very interesting where we see cabinets or even drawers over a worktop and not an empty space up to hanging cabinets. Different ceramic products brings coziness.

hqroom.rubrick wall in living room

hqroom.ruinterior in ukrain

hqroom.ruoriginal kitchen design

hqroom.rubig apartment

hqroom.rumodern interior

hqroom.rudining zone

hqroom.rudining area

hqroom.rudining table ideas

A bedroom has a very strongly expressed industrial style image that provides a bit different character to this space. Children‘s room is dedicated to rest and for the games so far even though a work table is indicated in a plan. There‘s no lack of original details there – a net over a sofa-bed and as if framed bench over which cabinets are projected and the wall is decorated by blackboard paint. I believe that it helps to reveal creativeness and talents of a child.

Rather funny organic corridor and bathrooms. Bright black – white hexagon tiles combined with the color yellow and wood. A very original ceramic washbasin again shows the owner‘s inclination to arts. Another bathroom is a bit calmer but the style similar to a bedroom‘s style remains, as it‘s parents‘ bathroom and the yellow one is of guests/children. An interior has some farmstead mood but that‘s only good.

hqroom.rubedroom industrial style

hqroom.ruwardrobe in bedroom glass door

hqroom.rulamps over the bed

hqroom.rumodern children's room

hqroom.rubench in children's room

hqroom.ruhallway design

hqroom.ruhallway interior ideas

hqroom.ruyellow tiles in bathroom

hqroom.rurustic style bathroom

hqroom.ruindustric style bathroom

hqroom.ruhexagon tiles bathroom

hqroom.ruround hung mirrors


Teksto autorius


My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

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