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2016 April 3

Teksto autorius: Evelina

Have you seen the picture that I uploaded to Fecebook?

cocolapinedesign.combed under the window

Somebody saw it, for somebody it’s new and for me it’s superb! A very cozy corner and today I randomly found the photos of the flat to which this corner belongs, therefore, I want to share them with you.

You can find such pearls in my favorite Scandinavian real estate website, however, I didn‘t have time to see the original advertisement and I cannot find the real flat area. But you can say that it‘s indeed not big, as each corner is used quite reasonably and prompts the disadvantage of the place. And the photo of a bedroom that is above: the space under the window is wonderfully and purposefully used and a mattress squeezed between the walls. There‘s a cosy interior detail corner on the windowsill, soft and light curtain and that‘s all – the bed in the middle of the room isn‘t necessary for a great sleep.

There‘re also not the fountains of space in a living room, therefore, a sofa is put under the windows. Why not? The height is okay, nobody obstructs nothing, the only thing that‘s interesting is whether there‘re heaters under the windows. And again – a special lightness and master choice of furniture and textile lets us forget that we are looking round to the flat of small space.

We also see the corner of a bedroom where a small table and wardrobe fit (in the right side looking at the table). A pouf and pillows that are put on the corner that can be used when the guests come.

cocolapinedesign.comsofa under tthe window

cocolapinedesign.comscandinavian style living room

cocolapinedesign.comscandinavian style apartment interior

Probably that‘s still a living room, probably another room, however, I would like to pay your attention to a minimal but very cozy work zone. A table is very light because it doesn‘t have legs, a strong chain is everything that it needs. A very interesting wardrobe solution which brings a natural breeze and a rustic mood. Mini doors to somewhere show the lack of space again. A fireplace is probably the main warranty of coziness but I also love herringbone patterns on the floor.

cocolapinedesign.comherringbone floor

cocolapinedesign.commini working placeA niche that is in front of a kitchen is used for a dining table and even though it seems „on the verge“ that it‘s almost impossible to enter the kitchen but it doesn‘t disturb me. People wanted 6 places for eating, therefore, a rather big but not massive table appeared automatically. A mirror composition that is above it seems to end that zone, expand it and creates an illusion that they‘re the paintings.

cocolapinedesign.comdining table

cocolapinedesign.comsmall space apartment

cocolapinedesign.commirrors above the table

A kitchen is at least cozy for me. Black white floor tiles and wall tiles with black threads spoil everything for me. Of course it could have been possible to do it without the colour black. It‘s also okay that a tabletop is wooden, otherwise, it would be completely sad.

cocolapinedesign.comscandinavian style kitchen

cocolapinedesign.comscandinavian kitchen

cocolapinedesign.comscandinavian style kitchen design


Teksto autorius


My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

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