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2013 July 15

Teksto autorius: Evelina

Mirrors as an interior detail – already not only a thing having function in itself, but also a decorative element. There are some mirrors which can hardly reflect any image, but have a unique design and make your home look beautiful…

Some of the mirrors will be shown just for enjoying the view and for that you saw that you do not necessarily need to hang your mirror on the wall. It can perfectly perform its function standing on the floor or freely hanging. And don’t be afraid to use massive frames!

Well, Fiction mirrors are worth a separate discussion. Fiction mirrors were awarded as an interior innovation maker in IMM Cologne contest in 2008. What so special do they have? Made of a thin glass, these mirrors gradually switch from reflecting to transparent cover! Unbelievable, but true…

stardust.comfiction mirror

stardust.comdiva mirror

Getting back to reality, I am going to discuss some pluses of the mirrors and requirements for keeping them. Probably everybody has already learned that a mirror not only makes space you live in beautiful and reflects everything, but also makes it bigger visually. If necessary, you can smartly play and make a trick by hanging the mirror in the right place – after all, the mirror is going to reflect what you want it to reflect and instead of two flower vases you will need just one – eyes are going to see two of them! :)

Mirror in a bathroom is more practical than aesthetic element, therefore, it's necessary that it showed an undistorted, real image. It is ideal if the mirror does not dew and heating mats are used for that because they protect mirrors from dewing and also become an extra source of warmth. Don’t be afraid to hang the group of mirrors, you will not even need to think about how to decorate the wall!

loveisspeed.blogspot.commirror in bathroom

yatzer.comminimalistic mirror

meinedinge.blogspot.comChildren's room ideas

blog.jaystrongwater.coma lot of mirrors


design-vox.commirror - bird

designboom.commirror above washbasin

designsponge.commirror bunny

decorablog.commirror design

trendir.commirror lamp

mymodernmet.commirror design

matchmadeonhudson.commirror interior sun



theselby.commirror - sun

coolmaterial.comglasses on the walls

milkmagazine.netthree mirrors

theselby.comgolden frames

whatwelikenyc.comhanging mirror



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My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

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