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2014 September 4

Teksto autorius: Evelina

Bricks, white, interesting - that's how I'd describe this apartment interior. I'd pay the greatest attention to the word interesting because there's indeed no lack of interesting solutions! I don't even know what to begin from, therefore, I'll just take one room and search for extraordinary things in it.

First of all, I really love the combination of colors and texture in rooms - that's the first emotion while seeing this flat.

Then the eyes are on the logs in the storage place, to question and exclamation marks over a TV, wires going out from illuminators (what is indeed charming in this interior). Well, and the most interesting is a fireplace on the cabinets! I've never seen such a solution and it'd be nice to find out how the business with this heat and how the tabletop are. Well, I see that an extra thick massive "piece" is put on the table and that's very charming! In addition, the flat is in Kiev and a young family is living there.

hqroom.rured bricks wall

hqroom.rufirewood storage ideas

hqroom.rufireplace on cabinets

The kichen is very wisely combined with the corridor and hallway (as I understand) space. Additional roof and flooring from different material than in a guest room, separates these spaces quite nicely. There's also a very suitable and respectful place for a dog place. It seems that two-side sofa solves the absence of a dinning room but that's obvious that this table is too small for eating. Perhaps the hosts are eating in another room which you'll see below...

p.s. very interesting handles! 

hqroom.rukitchen and living room area

hqroom.ruplace for dog at home

hqroom.ruinteresting solution for home

Probably that's a dining room? Some wine bottles issue my predictions. I love illuminators and pictures - they create a very playful mood!

hqroom.ruhanging light bulbs

And again I'm sighing - a wonderful homemade shelves composition with old suitcases! Well, this edge is undoubtedly the coziest one...Just the carpet is missing.

hqroom.rureading place at home

hqroom.ruDIY shelf

A bedroom is a bit too cold for me. Probably because of the bed framing. Even the brick wall doesn't help, somehow not cozy and that's all and well while looking at the other picture and not seeing that big space among the wardrobes and bed I'm feeling completely different.

hqroom.ruspacious bedroom

hqroom.rured bricks in bedroom

The deeper into a forest the more trees there are - a solution in a bathroom forced to remember this quote. Why the toilet and bidet are placed in a shower zone? Is that more comfortable?? That's already a second interesting (I just don't know if from a good sense) solution in the same interior. As I've seen, there's a lot of space in this flat, thus this kind of solution indeed confused me. In my opinion, the chosen tiles do not really match to the interior. It seems that I'm looking at the interior of completely different style.

hqroom.rutoilet in shower

I think that the bathroom is the most unfortunate from all the others. However, as far as I see more pluses than drawbacks I'm writing a strong 9 to this interior!

hqroom.rubasin cabinet


Teksto autorius


My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

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