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2014 September 2

Teksto autorius: Evelina

This apartment with euro pallets is exclusive because the space for euro pallets and white decorative bricks are perfectly found and several untraditional interior solutions are applied. They create an extraordinary lightness and the colors black and bright blue supplement the interior by a good emotion.

Well, while we are observing the plans it’s obvious that even furnishing is different! The flat is indeed not large, but everything that’s necessary fits here. I’d say that the hosts love minimalism and deny exhibiting their stuff. Everything’s so minimal, but also cozy.

We see that the kitchen is quite large, however, the reason why will become clear late. By the way, such an arrangement when there’s a displacement in the middle of the room purposefully used, in this case, and from three sides, is indeed very rewarding. It’s very simple to walk around the rooms and the space impression is not lost. Well, and one more factor which is worth attention: there’re only a bedroom and mini toilet on the first floor and the second floor is filled with all other rooms.

desiretoinspire.netapartment plan

desiretoinspire.netfurniture plan

desiretoinspire.neteuro pallets sofa diy

desiretoinspire.netsmall dining area

desiretoinspire.netdecorative white bricks

desiretoinspire.netbright interior

To look from a judiciary perspective, I’ve noticed that there’s no coffee table, only something at the side, but if people don’t eat in front of TV and don’t have a lot of guests, why not. By the way, very interesting paintings...

desiretoinspire.netpainting on bricks wall

desiretoinspire.netwhite bricks interior

Perfectly incorporated kitchen cabinets with an integrated oven and refrigerator.

desiretoinspire.netintegrated oven

Undoubtedly, that’s a very interesting kitchen. No hanging cabinets, a hood, incorporated into a sloped roof, massive illuminators and everything so black…Oh, and everything’s in the air!

The only disadvantage – the color black is very unpractical, especially in a kitchen, where there’s a lot of touching, but the deeper I think, the more I understand that people who’re living in this flat don’t stay here for a long and don’t boss a lot here.

desiretoinspire.netkitchen under slope roof

desiretoinspire.nethanging kitchen cabinets

desiretoinspire.netstairs design

desiretoinspire.netwall-hung wc

Black sockets slightly scream, however, everything else is very tasteful and in the right places. There’s also a perfect bed base and the small tables made of euro pallets!

desiretoinspire.netwhite bricks in bedroom

desiretoinspire.netnight table euro pallets

Well, the number of the shoes astonishes, however, it’s more important for them a lot of pairs of shoes and just few cabinets.

desiretoinspire.netdressing room interior

desiretoinspire.netshower without paddling

A toilet bowl under the skylight? Why not! However, I really missed space for various bottles, perfumery, etc. If only could the mirror be opened, but it seems that it’s not like that. The only place for that could be a washing machine zone which is located next to a shower (it’s visible in a plan). Moreover, I’d also wish the better artificial lighting.

desiretoinspire.netskylight in bathroom

desiretoinspire.netwhite bricks in bathroom


Teksto autorius


My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

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