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2017 January 3

Teksto autorius: Evelina

Rather usually individual house is constructed of several floors or with the attic where a roof is pitched. In a space where ceiling is not high (the height usually drastically reduces in the edges), one must cleverly rotate out of the position and functionally use it. Depending on the slope and the type of the roof (mono pith or double pitched) and a skylight (if there are such), one must choose a solution which best matches a situation. I’ll discuss some of them further. Well, and if there’s indeed not enough height for each solution in the edges of premises you can always use the middle of the premise – the place where the height is the biggest (I a roof is double pitched).

Bedroom under the sloped ceiling

That’s almost the most popular solution. The bed function itself prompts that it doesn’t need an extreme height. A bedroom can also be build and under a skylight: you can enjoy a starry sky at night and you will wake up with sun rays in the morning (unless you keep all windows covered).

Wardrobe / pantry / shelves and cabinets

That’s also a very usual solution. Additional cabinets don’t really disturb anyone. Of course, their form and height can be rather complicated but that’s not a reason to resist them.


In an individual house a kitchen will probably be on the ground floor (unless a house is of one and only floor) but indeed there’re also apartments with sloped ceiling. Of course, items that do not require a huge height, for example, only base cabinets should be built under the pitch itself. If there’s a skylight, a washbasin can be equipped under it.


The bath itself as an item can stand and under rather short ceiling and that’s the solution that looks rather romantic. If you’d like to establish a shower, a bigger height would be needed. Out of trouble, a toilet bowl and a washbasin can be built under a pitch (most probably without a mirror).

A work zone

A big height is not necessary to sit next to the table.


Teksto autorius


My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

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