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2015 December 7

Teksto autorius: Evelina

It’s not a secret that a bedroom usually has its place in mezzanine, as horizontal bedroom function is very comfortable for that. A mezzanine is not a novelty in a children’s room, rather small flats or even visa versa – in the huge-area-apartments and if there’s enough space it’s possible “to hang out” into it with stairs as much as you wish.

Another business is when there’s very little space and when only ladder doesn’t fit and one wishes more original and esthetic design solution or to partly hide them. Such solutions definitely exist and I’m glad to have the opportunity to represent them.

The first example for those who follow my blog should already be seen. I’ve already written earlier about this 29 sq.m flat. Probably it’s not news for everybody that a space under stairs can be used purposefully and that’s probably the best solution, as a mezzanine is most probably made not due to the overload of space but its shortage, therefore, additional space under the stairs wouldn’t be harmful for anyone.

humble-homes.comapartment with mezzanine

Metal ladder can look rather charming – surely not everywhere, but mostly in industrial style loft type interiors.

marzua.blogspot.ltmetal ladder

We see in this kitchen that an additional worktop is organically incorporated from a worktop to stairs.

smallhousebliss.comladder in the kitchen

Stairs are hidden esthetically  in a children's room and a space under them is reasonably used establishing a work zone with several drawers there.

qpdesign.vnmezzanine children's room

Looking from the front it looks simply interestingly projected work place, however, they hide stairs into mezzanine. An excellent solution! to hide mezzanine stairs mezzanine stairs

It’s one of the best solutions of mezzanine I’ve ever seen. Just take a look how reasonably a bedroom is hidden and everything is joined by louvred doors. Moreover, stairs can be hidden in shelves that have been projected especially for that.

decoratingideasx.combedroom mezzanine

decoratingideasx.comspace saving apartment

decoratingideasx.comhidden stairs mezzanine

One more perfect example. The stairs themselves – endlessly minimalistic and laconic, however, the part of levels is hidden in a wardrobe.

designboom.comoriginal mezzanine stairs design

designboom.comminimalistic stairs

Even though I don’t like the colour green this one is so “delicious”! And mezzanine stairs in a kitchen perfectly joins with a common kitchen solution, as plays the role of hanging cabinets in the quickest way.

caandesign.comstairs over the kitchen

caandesign.commezzanine stairs ideas

Non-standard stairs and non-standard space.

inhabitat.comideas for stairs

inhabitat.commezzanine ideas



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My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

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