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2015 January 13

Teksto autorius: Evelina

Non-standard stairs (I have in mind not width or height) is not a novelty for the time being. There’re various materials, handholds and stair solutions. It’s indeed a very broad topic and it’s possible to find a lot of examples. It’s rather useful to use stairs by the main function and to add even more: to use the space under the stairs for work or recreation corner, to join stairs with the table or other piece of furniture, etc.

For example, those ones: of a rather stylish piece of furniture with black frames, of a messy composition, endlessly playful. They’re also used as a table or shelves!

trends.archiexpo.comstairs as a table

trends.archiexpo.comnon-standart stairs

If there’s rather little space in a room and stairs are compulsory, the stairs composed by a zigzag principle will help to save some space.

pinterest.comnon-standart high stairs

The bottom of the stair stage can be used for open shelves, it’s only important to invent how to securely fasten!

tunnetilatblogi.blogspot.comstairs shelves

different stairs

pinterest.comstairs as a furniture

Very dynamic stairs – functional and decorative at the same time.

archdaily.commodern stairs design

And here’re completely modern stairs which are emphasized by orange “frame” illuminated by a whole perimeter.

mcdeinert.tumblr.comstairs lighting

There’s one more idea how to use the space under the stairs. Stairs serve as seating here, as mini reading room and library at the same time.

dezeen.combooks under stairs

Indeed, I don’t know what those stairs are made of, however, they’re not standard and look very attractively!

archdaily.commodern stairs design

It’s a very similar example to the one before, I was only more enthralled by metal fence netting.

archdaily.cominteresting stairs

Somehow it reminds me of a lighthouse and me myself don’t know why because I never was there before, however, as I saw in the movies and as I imagine, the stairs should be something similar!

archilovers.comblack stairs

A cozy seating is set under the stairs. In addition, this interior is very eclectic, however, it looks indeed “delicious” for me!

archdaily.comhow to use space under stairs


Teksto autorius


My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

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