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2016 August 29

Teksto autorius: Evelina

I believe that this blog is read by future or present students or maybe by their parents, too. You know, if you have to live in a dorm room, that doesn‘t mean that you can't create a lovely and cozy corner for yourself where it would be easy to stay for several more years. That‘s exactly what you should do if you want to resist cold and standard image.

When one puts some effort, ideas and creativity a life in a small dorm room will become a bit more pleasant. Of course, a lot will depend on internal rules of a dormitory. In some spaces walls can be made with wallpaper or interior changed in other way and in other spaces one can probably try hard to struggle for additional shelter on a wall. One more thing that will make a huge influence on interior solutions is the number of inhabitants in one room. When you‘re living alone everything is much simpler and there‘s more space. Well, and if it happens so that you must share a room, more limits appear, it‘s possible that you‘ll have to find an agreement due to one or another solution with your roommate.

I suggest to look through this website where you‘ll find only photos of dorms.

Advice that is valid for completely everyone – purposefully use the height of a room.

That‘s the best way to accommodate more not losing the space on the ground. If a bed is mezzannine you can put a writing table, a sofa or an armchair under it and to use the rest part of a room for closets, cabinets and other items. If there‘s no such bed you can always make your bed higher yourself. Cabinets, drawers or other item containers are put and a mattress is put on that whole mountain. It‘s still convenient to lie down with no ladders or steps and the place is purposefully used maximally.

pinterest.comdorm room ideas


fyeahcooldormrooms.comcosy dorm room

flickr.comdorm room ideas

sincerelykenz.comdorm room interior ideas

Use a lof of textile, decorate walls with photos, cuttings, pictures, posters, light bulb strings, garlands so that you would create coziness that you lack.

There‘s nothing cozier than the part of your hobbies which appear on the walls, the part of your life in a form of photos or inspiring quotes out of the magazines that are being read. You must not be ascetic with the furniture that you obligatory need unless you only sleep in a room and nothing else. I think that it‘s a normal demand of each person to live in a cozy environment, therefore, small things and gadgets should also take the part of a room.

homegoid.comdorm table

homedesigndecor.tkideas for dorm for dorm

pinterest.comhow to make cosy room

mapleharbour.cacosy teenager's room

kambellia.tumblr.comdorm bed ideas

Use functional items and ideas

One of the most functional items for a dormitory and not only for that is a trolley. You can indeed accommodate a lot of your life there and if you need you can pull everything sideways! You can also use an analogue without wheels – you can do such yourself. Also purposefully use the doors – you can hang up boots on them as well as special volumes for various details.

lovelolablog.comdorm kitchen ideas

pinterest.comtea storage ideas

homevil.comcart on wheels

polliwogspond.comshoes on doors

bedbathandbeyond.comideas for keeping things on doors

Look at what IKEA suggests us. I liked the idea to keep the open shelves around the windows and hide them under curtains.

ikea.comikea dorm ideas

ikea.comikea furniture for dorm


Teksto autorius


My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

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