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2014 February 2

Teksto autorius: Evelina

A colorful office interior full of flight and probably infinite ideas. I didn't really like some of the places in this office, so I don‘t publish them. You‘re going to find all the photos in the source of them (I‘ll just mention that odd octagonal wooden volumes are projected there for taking a seat, however, for me personally they don‘t indeed fit there. In this case it‘s overdone). In any case, there‘re some interesting solutions that I‘ll share with you.

The interior has been created by the studio O+A; customers – the wireless Internet company workers in San Francisco. A space is divided into two floors seeking to increase a stream of natural light and taking the wishes and suggestions of the workers themselves into account. Huge boards and blackboard surfaces let the workers write and draw the sketches for their ideas, and there‘s a possibility to pin those ideas very close on the cam surface.

It‘s also brightly noticeable that carpet and wood are combined together bringing and some greenery in. Corridors are enough wide not only to walk them, but also to ride a bicycle or skateboard (I‘d say that‘s an interesting idea to decrease an already decreased walking).

I liked green electrical wires, stretched through the white walls to a concrete ceiling very much. Those wires extremely emphasize the sources of the light. i.e. ceiling fixtures, and remind wireless connection and generally any connection networks, links, etc. – that‘s very symbolic.

A lot of ‘lounge‘ zones to chill are noticed. If so much space is given to such spaces, it‘d be interesting to see work places because the impression that nobody works there is made. It seems that people come to work and just sit, chat, eat and ride the long office corridors :) I guess that people really work in those premises, but more creatively, not technically.

Probably the least attention was paid to offices, but I hope so much that they‘re not so colorful and bright – it‘d probably be not only difficult, but also impossible to concentrate in a while, yet an interior like the one you see here should definitely help you get inspiration and energy for future work!

 I'd advice to watch these photos by clicking on them. Somehow the quality is way low now.

dezeen.comoffice reception

dezeen.comconcrete ceiling

dezeen.comlounge zone in office

dezeen.comideas for office

dezeen.comsoft benches

dezeen.comgreen ceiling lighting

dezeen.comwall for drawing and sketches

dezeen.comoffice interior design

dezeen.comcolorful office interior

dezeen.comwall decor ideas

dezeen.comspace for lounge

dezeen.comsoft boxes

dezeen.comoffice kitchen

dezeen.combar chairs

dezeen.commusic room

dezeen.comsketching surface

dezeen.comcolorful room

dezeen.comterrace on the roof


Teksto autorius


My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

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