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2013 March 2

Teksto autorius: Evelina

Idea 1:

Knifes should not necessarily be kept in a wooden holder or hang over a tabletop. The idea “FIX” – knifes, put in a tabletop – it is comfortable to take them and can also be treated as a interesting interior detail.

theselby.comknifes storage ideas

Idea 2:

This idea would better fit in a countryside or homestead although you can definitely apply it to any household. The shoes which are exposed in open shelves creates a respective atmosphere (if you exposed high-heels, a mood would be completely different), and underneath a dog’s bed fits beautifully.Of course, you shouldn’t forget to put a material, which would absorb any filth, under the shoes.

theselby.comentrance ideas

Idea 3:

If there is not enough space at home, here is a functional solution how to use a space under the stairs. You can arrange shelves and drawers: you are definitely going to save some space at home. A piece of advice – don't use handles so that the space look not so heavy.

79ideas.orgdrawers under stairs

interiores.alterblogs.comstairs storage ideas

theperfecthome.tumblr.comunder stairs ideas

Idea 4:

Euro pallets do not necessarily need to be hidden or thrown away. The perfect example – an office, where the whole furniture is made of euro pallets. Ecological and original!

archdaily.comeuro pallets ideas

archdaily.comeuro pallet furniture

Idea 5:

It's an extremely good idea and even aesthetic! Graphic symbols and minimal handle which link to appropriately kept cloths. It's comfortable for oneself as well as a guest is not going to open an underwear section :)

novate.ruchildren's room ideas

Idea 6:

A sofa version for those who tend to save space. Of course, sofa with a bedding box would induce a similar effect, but this variant is indeed aesthetic and functional.

blog.gessato.comfunctional sofa

blog.gessato.commodern sofa design

Idea 7:

Glass door into a cellar. It's already a question of one’s taste – if you want to tastefully show them or hide them. By the way, I perceive some pluses: when it's dark, it's easier to see if somebody is in a cellar through the glass door.

blog.naver.comcellar door

Idea 8:

Brushes – hooks. You only need to fold the brush bristles, stuck them together with glue and wait until they get stiff. And here you have a veeeeery original hooks! Of course, they would probably not hold a huge weight, but these kind of brushes can simply hang without any usage, like racks.

iroonie.comoriginal hanger ideas

Idea 9:

It's not necessary to hang a hammock in the middle of a room. You can perfectly use a space next to the stairs, which is usually free, and hang a net there (it can also be a simple piece of any material), which would undoubtedly be one of the most favorite places at home! net at home

Idea 10:

A very easy and playful variant instead of heavy rails. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend that for those who are bringing up little children if you are not sure about their safe behavior.

greyandscout.comrails rope


Teksto autorius


My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

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