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2015 March 31

Yes yes – a title matching something that you will see. Some lamps are very strange that I insensibly start thinking: does anybody buy them? Some of them are really good not for everyone and not for everyone’s space – one must have talent to apply such an illuminator.

First strange illuminator – the place which puts the whole farm. Indeed an astonishing solution!

we-heart.comoriginal lamp design

A ceiling-mounted coffee cup. Sometimes the ideas with the cups can be not very successful and this one is one of them. Well, and you can see a very nice idea in this post.

vesoi.comoriginal ceiling light

I like this ‘sliced’ illuminator very much. I would like to have one.

tiaurus.infowooden lighting

A tangle of wires has composed to table illuminators.

archithings.comstrange lamps

I even do not know what to comment here. Yet it is very original and unusual.

designersblock.blogspot.comanimal head lamp

An illuminator is a mushroom which, moreover, is very beautiful!

garaystudio.comtable lamp

Here is more DIY idea for using spotlights.

pinterest.comDIY illuminator

Well, these illuminators remind something and look very brittle :)

urdesign.ittransparent lamps

These illuminators are of the newer ones and very similar to a popular physical education bag with such a net material.

merry-go-round.seoriginal lamps

A very organic, vivid and interesting illuminator – a bird with various variations.

pinterest.comlighting bird

The illuminator reminding water plant is stylishly applied in a bedroom interior.

google.ltbedroom lighting ideas

A tray of fruit and vegetable and nothing else.

pinterest.comfruit shape lighting

Rather modern illuminator reminding a fire extinguisher. It is somehow charming for me.

tomaskral.chlighting design ideas

There is nothing astonishing, however, I liked illuminator’s variations and the possibility to use it as a rack.

urdesign.itfloor lamp design




My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

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