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2013 September 3

Teksto autorius: Evelina

Ideas for a cafe, a bar or a restaurant would probably be very useful for those who don’t know, how to attract more visitors or simply, how to turn their own café or a bar into a cozier and more original place than the one of their competitors with a help of an interior. Of course, you can use all of the ideas and at your home or wherever you want to, however, the examples are taken namely from food serving institutions and I have to admit that I've found a great amount of ideas which are probably very rare in our small motherland Lithuania… The ideas are numbered because I tried to mark the place which is discussed, therefore, I invite you to explore 20 of them!

1. An idea, how to originally place the bottles (they are in a volume, constructed from metal net above the bar) which saves the whole rear wall of the bar and personally for me there's a very nice note which invites one to order! for a cafe, bar or restaurant

2. An indescribably stylish example of how it's possible to integrate beverage fridges into the most visible place and to decorate the interior! Very small fridges with colorful glasses invite me to drink something taken from them. To tell the truth, this example has stuck in the folder of the photos I gathered for a veeeeeeeery long period of time and I still couldn’t come up with the idea, how to use it and now I know it!

eng-basiccollection.blogspot.comoriginal ideas

3. This photo admired me by its bar wall design. It is not unoriginal (the bottles are neatly settled on the bar shelves), but with its kind of a thrilling mood including some interior details among the bottles. wall

4. A solution which is also used in Lithuania – a menu on a blackaboard can be a bit different. A massive drawing can serve as pictures, moreover, each visitor can contribute to a drawing complementation! in a cafe caffee

5. A very simple, but not the least solution to arrange a menu: simply to write everything on a torn wrapping paper.

blog.livedoor.jpmenu on the wall

6. An extremely strict and neat product arrangement on the shelves as well as the vases with flowers on them admired me here!

kaper22.blogspot.comproduct arrangement

7. A solution for those willing to solve an empty wall problem creating a cozy home atmosphere: to put some plants, fruit, dishes or interior details on the shelves.

detallerie.comshelves in a cafe

detallerie.comideas for a cafe

8. If you want to decorate the floor, this solution is exactly for you! Wine bottles and corks which are under the glass would definitely favor an interior. ideas

9. Usage of shutters while storaging the dishes and apples can look very elegant and cozy!

chictip.comshutters on the walls

10. Perhaps I use too much of the word “charming”, but I cannot express my feelings in another way. A charming bar solution: we are served through the window like that not only outside, it's possible to make such an impression inside, too. Of course, I couldn’t not to pay my attention to a menu on the shutters! solutions

11. Well, it is rather not an interior solution, but a strategic suggestion for a café. If you just are on the ground floor, I suggest you to use a window for food/coffee or something else that you wish to take away!, coffee take away

12. An idea for illuminators: you can coat boring and simple illuminators with a net or strings and here you have the most original illuminator!

blog.stylesight.comoriginal illuminators, DIY

13. I liked the fact that an order is followed, all the bottles are of the same interior, a rustic style also attracted my attention. arrangement

14. The photo which fits to the post "Upside down" but also suggesting an idea, how to fill the space over the bar and to reduce a high space optically. Hanging cups perfectly reflect a cafe range and is a perfect dish store.

amusedbrain.wordpress.combar design

e-interjeras.lthanging cups

15. Simply details which create coziness and provide originality – hanging bottles. You can write menu or other information on them or you can use them as a means to show what kind of drinks you use.

kaper22.blogspot.comideas for bar

16. An idea, which is analogical to the 7th one: simplicity, minimalism and order indeed bribe. arrangement in a bar

17. One more idea for an illuminator: a utilization of the parts of a bicycle! ideas

18. A bottle storage behind the bar in hexagonal volumes – shelves – probably not the most original solution (because hexagonal forms are recently extremely popular in interiors), however, I have never seen such a solution namely for bottle storage.

jenniesdailydose.blogspot.comshelf for bottles

19. What is the most usual way to store glasses? Hanging them over the bar, right? A super finding: a kind of an illuminator made of glasses – veeeeeeery original! made of glasses light

20. Instead of a carpet or other floor cover you can do like that: do you know how a furniture plan looks like? So, in this example, a furniture plan is transferred on the floor and here we look at an extremely original floor cover. ideas

I hope that you've seen something that you haven’t seen before and expect that these ideas for a cafe or bar will inspire at least one of the cafe owners to add some variety to his or her interior!



Šaunios idėjos, tačiau nereikėtų pamiršti, jog vieni svarbiausių dalykų restoranui yra interneto puslapiai

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Teksto autorius


My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

Teksto autorius


My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

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