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2014 June 16

Teksto autorius: Evelina

Different? Definitely yes! I admire this flat décor and the color solutions, however, a functional planning of a flat in some places excites in a bad way. Therefore, I’ll analyze the plan.

archdaily.comfurniture plan

First of all, what attracted my attention is practically no entrance hall where dirty shoes could be left or one could take his or her coat away and not to carry the dust to the rooms. As soon as you enter the room, the dining room stands! Whaaaaaat? I see in the right door side (in the plan) a tiny niche to probably hang up a coat, but, do the landlords indeed not feel a discomfort when the outdoors are next to the place where people eat? Undoubtedly family needs are completely different from the ones of ours because there’s even the room foreseen to the maid which I would personally use for expansion of a children’s room and a bigger corridor niche to incorporate.

The other thing: there’s no writing table in a children’s room. Why? Well, okay, now a child is still little, hopefully, the room will be redesigned in the way where there’ll be enough space for a writing table.

Somehow a washbasin appeared in a niche next to the balcony. FOR WHAAAAAT? One more enigma :) I see that the bathroom is designed in front where only a toilet and a shower (probably) are. Again the need for a maid room raises a lot of issues. A normal bathroom would have perfectly fit here. I don’t have any reproaches for a bedroom and a guest room. A lounge zone in a guest room next to the window is clearly sizable – I guess that the spaces could have been used more reasonably but it’s possible that those who live here need a big lounge zone, a maid room and a washbasin in a corridor. Who knows :)

By the way – a flat quadrature – 83 square meters and a geographical place – Vietnam.

archdaily.comyellow interior accents

archdaily.compatterned tiles in the kitchen

archdaily.comkitchen interior ideas

archdaily.compatterned wall design

What do you notice at first? Probably the patterned walls, yellow color in general and green shawl on the table :)

I was amused by the fact, how patterned tiles combines in every corner of this apartment and it doesn't look neither overcrowded, nor as a mess - just beautiful, artistic and vital. It's just my personal opinion but these patterns looks here very "tasty". Several accidentally dropped bold colors balance the diversity and a harmony borns. It's not too bright, the color white is a perfect background for the patterns, so everything looks totally fine.

archdaily.comTV cabinet

archdaily.comwall lighting

archdaily.compatterned walls

archdaily.cominterior design trends

archdaily.comtrendy wall

archdaily.comloung zone

I have to recognize that the poufs are very attractive and good looking, but I still have a question in my mind: what do the landlords do with rest of the space?

archdaily.comtrendy interior design

archdaily.comwhite bedroom

archdaily.comwriting table in bedroom

I would personally use less patterned tiles in bedroom or simply don't use it at all but depending on the person's character, for some it can be a great stimulus to start a day in an active and fun way!


Teksto autorius


My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

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