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2017 March 15

Teksto autorius: Evelina

Probably everybody will agree that purchases for home interior thin out a wallet or account rather quickly, especially, if that‘s new home which you establish from zero. Let‘s agree that in this post I‘ll speak not about kitchen cabinets and other large-scale produced furniture, but about chairs, tables, illuminators and other easily changed and portable items. And probably you understand that this post is actual only for those who care where their money travel and for those who‘re not millioners.

I've noticed that people buy something that they can get here and now. Is it bad? Depending on which side you‘ll look at this from, therefore, here I'm giving you the first advice.

  1. 1. Patience is a goodness.


  • If you belong to the group of people who don‘t have special requirements for furniture design and aesthetics, this is not for you. Buying here and now you can completely be glad of established home and use bought items much quicker.
  • If you know what you want but you can‘t find anything right now – please continue looking for that further, order and wait until your wished item reaches a shop or home. If you buy any table after some time you‘ll regret your solution and thoughts will start revolving in mind how to get rid of it and get another table. What does that mean? If you succeed in selling the old table you‘ll most probably won‘t get back all the sum and that means that you have overpaid for the item that you haven‘t used.

2. Buy expositional items.

Rather big discounts are applied for them. Some items, such as illuminators, table or others on which nobody was sitting on or nobody used that in other way are usually of perfect marketable appearance. We have a win-win situation – you save money and the seller can update a showroom with new items.

3. Don‘t easily dismiss a defective product.

There‘re people who don‘t buy a product in principle as soon as they hear that it‘s defected because they want to acquire a NEW item. Sometimes a defect is so mild that you can‘t see it at all and an item is sold half a price the new item. For example, a defected sink is sold for a rather attractive price in a sanitary ware salon. There‘s a mild scratch in a bottom of a sink that you cannot even see (at least for your cat or child). Only you will know about this scratch, therefore, don‘t resist the possibility to acquire a defected product and save money this way.

4. Say no to unnecessary products and spontaneity!

I‘ll admit that I buy clothing spontaneously but I never returned anything. But I don‘t let myself do this with the items for home. I think for a long time which item I need (and if I need it at all) and what I can let myself, therefore, when I enter a furniture shop, I can quietly walk around and explore everything with no remorse. A spontaneous acquire of furniture can have two endings: a good one and a bad one.

  • A good one. Maybe you‘ll catch on discounts and will really save a lot of money and will be happy with your good and nice item.
  • A bad one. What‘s a sense to buy an item with discount if it‘s not necessary to you and you‘ll waste your time returning it or hide it in some cellar, pantry or keep it by your parents „for future?“

My advise would be to know what you need and only then start looking for the place where you can find it. Only functional and necessary items must be at home. You can acquire decorations later when you have some „free“ money for that or specially save euros for various trifles if you can‘t resist them.

5. Raise your items for a new life.


If you‘re not against and you‘re close to recycled culture, you can renew old catchalls, chairs and sofas. There‘re a lot of companies supplying tapestry dragging services. You can simply repaint furniture, as there‘s perfect paint for furniture. You can even renew a steel bath! Take your imagination into help and use a piece of furniture for other purpose. The Internet is full of DIY projects – don‘t be lazy to use them.

6. Go to the shop only when you are ready.

It‘s not worth talking about a shopping list. It‘s interesting for me if a lot of you‘re looking for a sofa knowing how much space there‘s in a dining room? It‘s compulsory to measure how much space you have to a sofa, to a sink, to a shelter or any other item! I‘ve indeed saw such cases when one thinks „oh well, it‘ll fit“ and the result is such that 80 percent of your space is taken by a sofa. I saw a question in one of FB groups if that‘s possible to shorten bar chairs because they bought the ones that‘re too high (or maybe a worktop is too short)? That‘s one more evidence that before buying any piece of furniture you must know how much space it can / or has to take.

7. Don‘t waste your money for „brand“ items.

Furniture created by designers indeed has advantages – a unique appearance and usually a very good quality but do you really need it? Again, I‘m getting back to the point 4. Why do you need a chair created by designer? Is it your dream? A spontaneous whim? A wish to boast among others?

If that‘s your dream buy and even save for THAT item if you need it. If you‘re going to buy furniture for the whole life you can also by „brand“ items. At least from the point of view of design those items will be fashionable even in 10 years. Well, and if you believe that only such items are of high quality and are functional you‘re very much mistaken.

Exactly the same as you can find more qualitative clothing in HUMANA than in ZARA or other shop, you can buy a chair or a table from a simple shop. A lot depends on human habits, tidiness, ability to save item. Explore an item, sit down, open and try it another way and you‘ll see that it can serve you not worse than the one which is 3 times more expensive. Enumerate by yourself – price, design, brand, functionality and you‘ll know then which type of furniture you can buy.

8. Buy on the Internet.




Probably all the shops don‘t like this advise, however, such is the reality. There‘re people who explore an item lively but when they find it on the Internet for the lowest price (or with the best conditions) they buy it from there. I don‘t see anything bad in this. If you only have time and wish for this – look for the best option.

There‘s the same as with the house building: either you build yourself and you sacrifice your time but save money or you buy a house that‘s already built – you save your time but you overpay.

I partly understand consultants who waste their time and tell about a piece of furniture and when the customer gets back home he orders it from another place. It‘s very angry for them then. Very. But now the prices are so high that such way of shopping becomes justifiable.

Don‘t forget that there‘re a lot of Polish pieces of furniture in Lithuania, thus, when you explore well on the Internet you‘ll see that even with delivery service from Poland you‘ll save 10 percent of the price. Please also check furniture, illiuminators and carpets of Spanish, Italian and German manufacturers. When you send through mediators you can even acquire items half a price than when you buy them here in Lithuania.

9. Negotiate.

It‘s very difficult for me with this sphere. I don‘t know how and I don‘t want to negotiate and I can‘t overgo myself, therefore, if you only can – negotiate! That‘s the straightest path to discounts. It appears that it works not only in the market.

If you know any other ways how to buy and not to confuse yourself and save some money - share your experience. Or maybe you‘ve ever tried several of the ways that I indicated here? Were they successful?


Teksto autorius


My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

Teksto autorius


My name is Evelina Aleliūnienė. I'm founder of this blog and interior designer. Writing this blog helps me while doing this kind of job and is a great bundle of beautiful ideas for you!

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