2012 November 29

Working zone or table is one of the most necessary areas at home, just everyone‘s work specifics is different. For some people a work table is necessary just for a computer and papers to put on, others just draw on a table, the third group of people count and so on.

In my opinion, it is not fair to say that it is possible to resist this area. First of all, it is not healthy for a person himself to work on a computer or draw on a carpet, bed or a dining table; secondly, if there is any wish, it is possible to reduce a work area to a minimum and it will not be a somewhat grim place, quite the opposite – it will be an advantage or complement to a whole interior.

In any case a work area should be next to a window where lighting is very good. Soft furniture do not fit! If there is also a computer on a work table, an artificial light would be necessary. A standard working table height – 74 centimeters. Well, and everything else you can arrange as it is more comfortable and beautiful for you.

decorlavie.blogspot.comworking table design

simpledesks.networking zone at home

A very feminine working table!

pinterest.comwomen's working table

A Scandinavian design work zone.

pinterest.comscandinavian working zone

A perfect working table for an artist or a writer...

trendland.comworking table design

A solution for those who save space at home.

homegue.comsmall working zone

A typical Scandinavian work corner.

archiproducts.comscandinavian working table

Scandinavia again...with Arne Jacobsen wallpapers.

dekobook.blogspot.comArne Jacobsen wallpapers

katienattrass.comworking room interior design

pinterest.comindustrial working area

A working place more for various workshops.

pinterest.comworking place

Balanced for women...

pinterest.comworking zone




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