2014 January 21

Tree trunks and trees can appear in an interior randomly – when a house is built in some place, where it is a pity to destroy a tree (then a tree is alive; one just need to take care of it and enjoy this decoration) or trees can be artificial. The opportunities here are limitless, the most important is to get the tree texture and forms as realistic as possible (or, vice versa, trying to emphasize artificiality).

Usually this solution is used in public interiors and big, high spaces. Particularly admiring is the first example, where, if you just click on the link, you‘ll see the whole interior. I admire the solution to hang the illuminators, which look like twigs, on tree branches, is also perfect. I have never seen something similar and I think that it is one of the best ever created public interiors.

Trees in an interior (more precisely, tree trunks) can also be used as a bench, a chair or a table, but it is going to be included in a separate topic. This time I would like to show some solutions, where tree trunks take the place until the very up of a ceiling. Give some nature to your space!

yatzer.comblack tree

yatzer.complastic fake tree

decoracion.facilisimo.comoriginal ideas

yatzer.comMirror Treehotel interior tree

mindendesign.blog.huromantic cosy place

bo-bedre.noDIY hanger

design-fjord.tumblr.comhigh room

designboom.cominterior decorations

design-milk.cominside tree

voyageindesign.comindoor trees

voyageindesign.comwooden lines

archdaily.comtree trunks

indulgy.compartition from tree trunks




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