2013 January 11

The Pit House – a UID architects‘ job which clearly indicates that its location is in Japan. This house stands on a mountain terrace and a married couple and their two children live there. The architects were aiming at making a site environment and a house architecture exist as a single body.

An entire architecture and interior are designed in a way that it seems that a terrace form is replicated, everything is very organic and connected to the environment. The main principle is not to separate an interior from the outside by using the walls, but to make so that it was identical to an outside world by its materials and forms.

designboom.comPit house

designboom.comjapanese minimalism

Concrete is widely used in all the 6 levels of the floor and it seems that a central heart is formed in the center of the house. It seems that subtle cedar wood columns uphold lightly „swimming“ boxes and this way various one-room spaces are created.

designboom.comjapanese style interior

From the ground floor until the roof there is the cylinder-shaped space which a bathroom and a warehouse were designed in.

designboom.comUID architects

designboom.comThe Pit house

A very interesting solution is to uphold the whole ground floor, seemingly, by props (of course, there is an entire wall made of glass). A connection between outside and inside is left and it seems that the floor is floating in the air. You can even get confused because you don‘t understand where you are – outside or inside. Bedrooms are designed in this floor.

designboom.comJapanese interior

designboom.comJapanese style kitchen

designboom.comminimalistic interior design

designboom.commodern interior design




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