2012 December 4

High rooms usually cause a headache, how to fulfill a space, how to illuminate it and so on.

There are very few high room interiors in Lithuania (lofts, which have found their place recently, can be treated as an exception). Probably there are not a lot of conditions for that because high places automatically need a lot of natural light. Moreover, it's to expensive perhaps fore each Lithuanian to use a space which consists of two or three floors, they simply consider it irrational. But you should admit that a picture is really nice...

There are a lot of ways to fill a room (though sometimes a simple ceiling with an only massive illuminator looks nice): bulks, beams and industrial pipes (more popular in lofts) are widely used, as high windows as possible, mezzanines with various areas are also likeable. Fireplaces whose height reaches a ceiling perfectly fill a space and attract one‘s attention.

By the way, high ceiling has some advantages. Read here.

homedsgn.comhigh ceiling

archdaily.comhigh room

archdaily.comhigh ceiling ideas

luxosimples.blogspot.comstandard house interior

I just saw it and I fell in love with it... Indeed, it is the first time I have seen a private interior in a church building...

archdaily.comchurch residental interior

Pay your attention to the glass door on the first floor. A unity and rhythmics of a room is originally saved.

finalarchitecture.comtransparent floor

helenaaro.wordpress.comblack frames window

hauscapsule.comwhite walls and ceiling

arquigrafia.arquitecturacritica.com.arwooden ceiling

For those who don‘t know what to do with a high ceiling – include constructive graphic elements. A room becomes playful and original.

pinterest.comhigh trees in room




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