Extremely soft poufs and sofas - Viskas apie interjerą
2013 August 21

Poufs – probably the best piece of furniture which is created to relax! This time I am going to show the ones which are indescribably soft, some of them knitted or made of a special material and some sofas of a similar style.

I am introducing you to a “Slumber pouf” collection, created by a textile designer Alexandra Gaca. These poufs are made of a three-dimensional elastic fabric. They adapt to a form of a person while sitting, however, when a person stands up, a pouf comes back to its initial position! They have also started making carpets, but it's not the right place for them in this post!

ilovebelgium.beslumber pouf


ilovebelgium.bepastel colors in interior

czasnawnetrze.plslumber poufs

ilovebelgium.besoft furniture


arredoeconvivio.com3d fabric

czasnawnetrze.pl3d textile

There are some individual examples which seduce me to sit down and never stand up!

cleverinfusion.blogspot.comcolourful poufs

vintagehome.tumblr.comtextile in interior

hannasroom.comsoft couch

etsy.comknitted furniture

cleverinfusion.blogspot.comcolors in interior

arredoeconvivio.compouf design

chictip.comsoft textile balls

nlxl.comsoft sofa

looksfeelsworks.comknitted look furniture

thetreasurehunteruk.wordpress.comknitted poufs

furniturefashion.comKnitted Chairs




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